Posted by: buzzybeegirl | July 15, 2008

Honeycomb Haven

So my friend G called me frantically this afternoon with some bee questions. This is why…

She saw this honeybee hive inside a water meter near her house. You can see that they have a honeycomb and LOTS of busy buzzing bees. She didn’t get close, which was smart. Since they are wild bees, they will more likely be the Africanized honeybees. The owners of the house told her they had called the city to get them removed. I hope they actually did. Good job finding this hive G!



  1. When bees come near me I try to bite them; fortunately I am slow and they seem uniterested.

    I like the dusty bee in your header! Does he live in a dirty hive?

  2. Hi Checkers, the bee in the header is forced to live on that very branch…and doesn’t have a swifer to dust himself off.

  3. If you run across another one of these “hives”, would you let me know? I’m interested in obtaining one — live, humane rescue. Africanized are OK with me. They aren’t quite as bad as the media portrays… to say “all africanized bees are mindlessly aggressive” is like saying “all bats have rabies”…



    • Thanks for stopping by Cheryl. I have your info and if I hear of any hives around I will send you an e-mail. I know the africanized bees are not as aggressive, but when kids are a few feet from the hive and my dogs are banging on the fence next to the hive, I know that can irritate them. Out in the desert or open spaces, I say leave em =-) But when you have high pitched screams in their flight path, it can be dangerous. I will ask around for hives =-)

  4. Very awesome! Thank you!

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