Posted by: buzzybeegirl | July 18, 2008

I know I have been posting about bee’s, but this post will be about beetles. Palo Verde beetles to be exact. these are big beetles that come out during the monsoon season here in Tucson. They live in the soil and eat Palo Verde roots as grubs, but emerge as these huge beetles when the rains kick in. Here they are trying to fly away from my flashing cannon rebel…

Last night R and I went over to my friend G’s house to set up a blacklight. We set up the white sheet, powered up the lamp, opened up some beers and waited for all the bugs around to come to us. You see, the bugs are attracted to the powerful UV light and the white sheet reflects it. You can see the set up at

G use to be afraid of these bugs, but has come around to photographing them. She was acting like the paparazzi. She even got one to stay in a corner…I think she blinded it with her flash.

Here is what used to scare her, besides their size of 3-4 inches long. It was their giant mandibles.

Pretty cool aren’t they!


  1. I read about this on G’s site as well. It sounds like a great time. And while we don’t have these beetles here in Ohio, I do have a pic on Flickr of two beetles going at it, if you catch my meaning!

  2. Oh I know what you mean…I will definately have to check that out!

  3. hello buzzybeegirl its dennis the vizsla dog i thawt i wood come visit yoo sinse goodbear tawks abowt yoo a lot and — AIIIIIIEEEEEEE jiant beetel!!!!!!!

    hmm wot do they tayst like???? ok bye

  4. Thanks for visiting Dennis! I don’t know what those giants taste like. I haven’t been hungry enough to try em’

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