Posted by: buzzybeegirl | July 22, 2008


Sorry to those of you who have been visiting this blog. I could not get good internet service to post during the weekend. I know I told you that I use an otoscope to peek into the bee nests to see if they are being used. When the female bees use the nests they are filling the sticks up with babies. Here is how is goes down: mama finds a good home, she goes out and gathers pollen and nectar, she forms what is called a pollen ball (pollen with a little nectar added to keep it round), she lays and egg. Here is a photo of the pollen ball with a bee egg on it (photo from Robin Thorp:

Once the female bee does this she goes out again and gathers different types of materials like leaf, small rocks, soil, plant resins, soil, etc. and makes a wall above the pollen ball. The cycle just repeats until she fills the stick with babies. Once she is done she needs to protect her babies, so she forms a wall at the opening of the nest to keep intruders out. Depending on the species of bee, each will use material they find suitable for the job…

Some use small rocks from the ground…

Some use soil from the ground…

Others prefer using plant resin…

Leaf cutter bees will wrap their babies in leaf cuttings and close the entrance with leaf cutting like so…

They are creative insects and they don’t even have engineering or architect degrees. Now who says bees are dumb creatures??


  1. that baby bee is basically going to wake up and have equivalent to 1000 pizzas to start eating.

    very interesting!

  2. Mmmmm waking up to pizza

  3. My personal assistant and I really enjoy your photos and commentary. How do you know all these neat things? Do you interview the bees?

  4. “Lead! Churches! Very small rocks!”

    Sorry … it doesn’t take much to get me spouting Monty Python quotes.

  5. Oh please…..everyone knows that bees build hives and the queen places eggs in the hives cells and stuff like that.

    You’re just making this stuff up.


  6. You caught me forkboy…i used the same studio they used to fake the moon landing and took these pictures.i almost got away with it.

  7. Thanks for the comment Checkers.i’m glad you and your p.a. enjoy the pictures and stories.i used to interview the bees, but they are so i act like the tabloids.i snap pictures of them doping their thing and get the gossip from their p.r.

  8. I knew it! It all sounded too strange. I bet you live near Area 51 too!

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