Posted by: buzzybeegirl | July 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Flight of the Carpenter Bee


  1. The blue of the blue sky in your photo is very blue, a nice blue. Do carpenter bees have any yellow on them? Do they wear a tool belt?

  2. To what local does this bee belong? Could I get a quote on installing some doors?

  3. the next step up is the licensed contractor bee.

  4. These bees are everywhere forkboy.And some people actually call exterminators to get rid of them.
    Some of them do have yellow,like the eastern carpenter bee.i found some good photos here

  5. Hold it….are these the same bees that keep chewing holes into my facia boards around the roof?

  6. Hey Bee Chick
    I have a carpenter bee problem. They are boring into the wood beams of my ramada. What do I do before the whole thing comes tumbling down in a pile of ramada?

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