Posted by: buzzybeegirl | July 25, 2008

Working bees

Today I went to visit a local organic farm and take pictures of the heavy bee action that is going on. I knew it was going to be a good morning when I saw how green the road to the farm was. I also saw my very first Gila Monster on the side of the road. I have seen them before, but they were in museums. This was a sign that good things were coming my way. When we arrived at the farm it was absolutely beautiful. The hills were so green.

The owner directed me towards the gardens that were buzzing with bee activity. It wasn’t at all disappointing. There were lots of tasty crops like sweet corn, watermelons, a variety of squashes and many many more. So I walked the gardens and snapped a few pictures of bees doing what they do best. Pollinate!

This is one of the native bumblebees found in the Sonoran Desert (Bombus sonorus) pollinating a bean plant. Her weight pulls the flower open and the anther’s (which contain pollen) will rub on her fuzzy body. When she visits another flower, the pollen will rub off onto the flowers stigma. That is how she pollinates this plant.

There were also lots of different squashes with many bright yellow flowers open and waiting for bees to visit them. Here is a squash bee inside one of these flowers…

I wasn’t sure what kind of plant this is (below), but I saw a bumblebee (the same kind as the previous one) inside one of the flowers and just started snapping pictures. I hear them buzz and that sound draws me to them.

There were also other native bees doing their thing. Like this one below. It is an Agapostemon species.

One of the last pictures I took was of this carpenter bee pollinating a bean plant flower. That flower looks like it is holding on for it’s dear life…

Your a GIANT! Hold on.

So in summary…I had a great morning, this organic farm is great, and bees are always cool.



  1. Yeay Hooo, Now I know were to come for Bee info. Cool creatures. I was trying to shoot bee pictures yesterday, they just wouldn’t hold still, too busy.

  2. sounds like there were a great variety of bees! glad it was a good trip.

  3. Thanks for visiting rvewong. Glad to hear you enjoy the blog. Bees are hard to shoot. I just keep clicking and eventually you get some good shots out of it.

  4. That’s good to know that you had similar troubles to me with those bees. Ill get it right soon.

  5. Great pictures! Funny though. the sound of buzzing bees usually has the opposite effect on me — I run away from them!

  6. If the buzzing is too loud, then I run because it’s usually a swarm =)

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