Posted by: buzzybeegirl | July 26, 2008

No males allowed

Here are the very first pictures I took using a macro lens. The bee on my dash was one of these lucky fellows to be photographed. The good thing about these guys is they were sitting still. These male bees belong to the genus anthophorid.

The males do not stay in the nest with the females. Male solitary bees are usually found outside of the nest. These males would use the dead grass in my tortoise cage as their personal motels. I would see about a hundred of these little guys on the swaying grass holding on with their mandibles.

They will stay on these branches until the morning.holding on with their mandibles.

If you look in your yard around sunset, you can find male bees bunkering down for the night. Some will be holding onto branches on a plant, or on grass like these guys, and others will sleep inside flowers. You can see great photos taken by my good friend G of a male cactus bee getting ready for sleep here.


  1. i’ve always love the bee in your banner. so cute and fuzzy. and not the typical bee.

    thanks for linking people to my blog. i love that people can see my bees nestling in for a night’s sleep!

  2. I know where to send people for great bee shots…your blog goodbear.

  3. hello bee girl its dennis the vizsla dog so theez beez spend the hole nite holding onto grass with there mowths????? wow i thought we vizslas liked to hold stuff in owr mowths but we are pikerz compard to theez beez ok bye

  4. Can you imagine the mandible muscles on these guys.

  5. So this is the proverbial “dog house” for male bees? The guys have it tough…

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