Posted by: buzzybeegirl | August 1, 2008

Biosphere 2 trip:Part I

I took the day off from posting yesterday. Okay, it was just that I had a lot to do and my internet connection isn’t very good.

Today I went to the Biosphere2 with my mom and my niece. It is such a great place to go and visit. I also like the place because they gave me research money through the science and society fellows program...which is always great. I still have to take my good friend G, who I think will love it. The facility has so much cool stuff to see. If you click on the link you can navigate around their site and get some info about the place and their mission. I am not going to go too much into it, but will show you their facility through pictures.

Here is the facility that houses the 5 ecosystems: tropical rainforest,fog desert,mangrove wetlands, Savannah grassland, and an ocean with a coral reef. Pretty cool building isn’t it.

Here is another picture of the facility (I couldn’t get the entire thing in one shot).

Savannah grassland…

Mangrove wetlands.

There are more pictures, but I will post them uo tomorrow morning since it is getting late (almost 1 am). I will post some nice bee pictures I was able to get outside the facility.

Until tomorrow morning…


  1. Hey, that doesn’t look like a sphere! 😉

    But it DOES look very cool …

  2. Your right James. That is one cool looking polyhedron

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