Posted by: buzzybeegirl | August 5, 2008

I told you the bee did it!

We have a few large logs that R had saved for wood burning this coming winter. I walked outside and saw this solitary bee hovering around one of the logs.leaving.then hovering again. She landed and I ran to see where she was. She was holding a chunk of sap in her mandibles. You can see the chunk in this photo.

Behind that big chunk o’ sap is more sap that has been smoothed out. And behind the smooth sap is a hole. A hole that has been converted to this female bees nest. She is covering the entrance of her nest to protect her young. Just like the bees that I study. No Hollywood studio or special effects. Here is she is people…covering her nest all by herself. Watch her go…

There it is.Proof that they don’t hire anyone or anything else to build the doors to their nest. You go girl!



  1. I know a certain piece of wood that isn’t going to be going into the fire for a while!

  2. Yeah. It would give me the chills if the fire started to pop the bees like popcorn.

  3. Female bees be awesome! I wonder what it would be like if I had a front door made out of sap…or maple sugar…or ham sandwiches…!

  4. She’s a very good mommy bee I take it?

  5. A very good mom indeed.

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