Posted by: buzzybeegirl | August 11, 2008

Bees at the Speed of Light

Today I went over to my friend Gs house to take pictures of her backyard wildlife. I mentioned before that her house is a haven for cool insects, so I like to visit often and come prepared with my camera. Both of us were armed and ready for some bee action. The bee action was going on especially on her cholla blossoms. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous and tasty looking to the bees. Why wouldn’t they want a piece of it? Look how attractive the blossoms are.

The bee action was so hot here, but the flowers were pretty high. The bees were also so fast. They would fly to the flower, land but before I was done pressing the button on my camera, they were gone. Fast girls. Speed racers. These were the best shots I could get of these crazy flying ladies.

She is flying to her destination. Her goal: gather pollen and fill her bee tank with nectar before prices start going up again.

You can see her proboscis (her tongue) sticking out, ready to go. That is how fast they are. The speed of light people. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit. But they were VERY fast. All in all it was a great bee day!


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  2. We need to open the strategic honey reserve! This is a honey shortage emergency!

  3. hot bee action at my house!!

  4. I knew it! Bees do the Tongue Thing too!!!

  5. Maybe your part bee Checkers?? We should get your DNA tested ASAP!

  6. I wanna come and play too! Drat and damn if I don’t live too far away.

  7. If you start riding your bike now you can be here by next week

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