Posted by: buzzybeegirl | August 12, 2008

What is it??

Sunday morning I was walking around my backyard playing with my dogs and checking out any possible wildlife. I was under my tangelo tree when I saw this. I got excited (what’s new right), grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures. I am going to leave this post with these photos and let you try to guess what it is. I will post the answer on Wednesday. So here it is…

Top view

Top view

Here is the top view of the mystery insect. And below is a side view of the mystery insect.

The game begins now. NAME THAT INSECT!


  1. pigeon dropping snail?

  2. […] you like this post, or insects,…or quizzes, buzzybeegirl just put a quiz up and will reveal the answer wednesday.  personally, her quiz is easier than the […]

  3. I’m going to name it Alfred. Is that right? Alfred?

  4. Alfred is good, but what kind of animal is Alfred? Maybe you can come up with your own species =P

  5. How ’bout Alfredus Buggus Weirdus?

  6. I don’t know what it is but I’m pretty sure that it’s going to hatch, grow to be 720 feet tall, and eat Santa Fe.

    (I may have been watching too many monster movies lately.)

  7. I think it is the mysterious and deadly Rattlesnake Tail Caterpillar.

  8. Did you ever find out what type of caterpillar this was on your tangelo tree last august – funny thing – this weekend I found two of these same caterpillars on our tangelo tree – (the same time of year as your find and same tree type)

    We tried to see if we could get them to become crystalus but they both passed – I am not sure why either as we had plenty of leaves and air for them.

    • Hi Carolyn. Thanks for visiting the blog. The caterpillar is a giant swallowtail butterfly. They are beautiful, so I let them eat the leaves…and the tree is large enough that a few caterpillars don’t ever hurt it.

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