Posted by: buzzybeegirl | August 16, 2008

Goooood Mooooorning Bees!

I went out to my front yard this morning, camera in hands, locked and loaded, ready for some bee action. And bee action was what I got. The Mexican Bird of Paradise is in full bloom and it had a lot of insect action going on. There were sulfur butterflies were feeding on this flower as well as many Anthophorid bees. These bees are medium sized and very fast fliers. They have roundish bodies and hairy bodies. The males rarely land on flowers and they don’t stay very long. For them it’s just refill the nectar tank and get back to flying. They fly around looking for the ladies.

Male bees have antennae that are much longer than those of female bees. Check out the long one’s on this guy!

There were also females gathering nectar and pollen on the flowers. This female is visiting to gather nectar. She is going straight to the base of the flower where the nectar is found.

I was able to catch (after many photos) some of the female bees hovering near the top of the flowers as they gathered pollen. the pollen is located at the tip of those long red colored filaments (stem-like structures). The bees would hover and move their little legs like they were paddling in air. It was adorable.

You can see all the pollen she has gathered on her legs.

This bee took a break from gathering food to do bee crunches.

This little megachile was resting on the flowers of this amaranth plant.

It was a great and exciting morning for me. I hope there is more bee action later this evening or tomorrow morning.



  1. all great shots!!!
    i particularly love the megachile shot!

  2. I love those flowers — orange is my favorite color!

  3. Aren’t they just beautiful. You can see why the bees just love em’

  4. Very bee-tastic!

  5. The bees are wonderful. The photos are fantastic!

  6. Thanks Tam. It’s so much fun photographing them.

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