Posted by: buzzybeegirl | August 21, 2008

Here lies a Cluster O’ Bees

Tuesday night was awesome. I went over goodbears house to see a wondrous mass of bees on one of her mesquite branches.  She described what she had seen the previous night and it was ever so spectacular when I saw it Tuesday night. I had my macro that night, but this mass o’ bees didn’t require a macro. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my other lens, but goodbear was ready with hers. Here is a picture of what we were experiencing…

Photo by GoodBear (Digital Muzzle)

Photo by GoodBear (Digital Muzzle)

Photo by Goodbear (Digital Muzzle)

Photo by Goodbear (Digital Muzzle)

Those are all male Agapostemon species bunkering down for sleep. remember my No males allowed post? These are the males gathering in one place to stop and sleep for the night. Of course they were awake when goodbear and I were flashing them like the Paparazzi on Britney Spears, but we were able to handle them.

Aside from admiring the hundreds of male bees, I was also in awe of goodbear. When I first started talking about bees to her she would cringe and scratch at her head. You should of seen her Tuesday night. There were bees landing on her and she didn’t flinch. After blinding the bees with flashes we headed back in doors. A bee had found its way inside of goodbears shirt. She heard it buzzing. I didn’t at first. After I touched her shirt collar you better believe I heard a loud ass buzz. We got it out, we were fine, we had our beers. I was expecting goodbear to stop,drop, and roll. She didn’t. I am in awe of her. She is becoming one with the bees.

There are more great photos of the bees at goodbears blog. You have to check them out.


  1. aww. that’s a sweet post buzzy! i’m only brave around them because you have taught me that they’re safe and beautiful!

  2. My personal assistant is reading a book now called “The Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd. He really likes it; maybe he will read it out loud to me…
    I agree, it’s amazing how “buggy” goodbear has become lately!

  3. I am getting “X-Files” movie flashbacks now …

  4. Will Agents Mulder and Scully visit Goodbears backyard? I think they should…especially Mulder

  5. for the record, i do NOT have a thing for mulder. got that?

    but i do love the x-files.

  6. oh, and they’re still there, those bees.

  7. I admit that I do have a thing for Mulder in a nerdy kind of way. I think he would find the bees fascinating and that makes me blush

  8. […] previous posts (and here) I wrote about how male bees usually do not sleep inside the nest with the females, but they find […]

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