Posted by: buzzybeegirl | September 8, 2008

What’s that Catt?

Hello again my insect loving bloggers. I apologize for not putting up a post in almost a week. Wow, that is a long time. Right now I am fostering 4 adorable little puppies and they are taking up some of my free time.

This post is a follow up to one of my earlier post, caterpillar invasion. I received an e-mail from

Dr. Michael Singer from Wesleyan University. Although he is an incredibly busy man, he took the time to look at the caterpillar pictures and identify them down to species. So I will show you the pictures of the caterpillars, then a picture of what the adult  would look like, with their scientific names. All the adult moth photos were taken from the website ‘Moths of Southeastern Arizona’. This is a great site to visit. If you don’t know your moths, like me, just go down the list and click on any species to see the caterpillar and adult moth.

Here we go…

Hemileuca hualapai in the family Saturniidae
Hemileuca hualapai in the family Saturniidae

The caterpillar above will grow up and become this beautiful moth,Hemileuca hualapai

Hemileuca hualapai adult

Hemileuca hualapai adult

Caterpillar and moth match number 2…

Estigmene acrea (mid-late instar) in the family Arctiidae

Estigmene acrea (mid-late instar) in the family Arctiidae

This will become this moth, which goodbear and our blacklighting group saw on Sunday night,

Estigmene acrea

Caterpillar number 3…

This caterpillar will turn into this beautiful moth,Ecpantheria suffusa

And the last caterpillar I had posted was this extremely fuzzy gone wild one

This is actually the same species as the second caterpillar/moth shown above,Estigmene acrea. How cool is that!

Now, for those of you who think these little critters are creepy, look at what they become. The beauty they bring to us is just priceless.


  1. and the work they do is important.

    isn’t it?

  2. Of course it is…those evening flowers aren’t gonna pollinate themselves

  3. That was awfully nice of Dr. Singer and of you to post the information.

    My sister once had a captured moth..named it Buford.

    Don’t ask.

  4. Anna – Excellent pics (as always)!

    Interesting bit: when researching Catt #1, discovered you at the bottom of the first page on Google!

    I’m wondering what forkboy’s sister fed Buford.

  5. Anna,
    I came over here on Sam’s recommend. Well worth the visit.
    Great work.
    [thanks for the tip Sam]
    Best regards,

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog Louis. And glad you enjoyed the photos.

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