Posted by: buzzybeegirl | November 25, 2008

How busy can one get?

I looked at how long ago I had posted. And it was a while ago. How time flies when your keeping busy. I went out one day to take pictures for a few minutes. That is all I have had time to do. It has been hectic. Putting several talks together, going over them, writing your introduction for your thesis, re-reading bee books, and of course life. I will be giving 3 talks in a span of two weeks. I am trying to calm down, but at times it hard not to get anxious. It is starting to get cold here and the bee activity is decreasing. Even the honeybees are starting to slowly fade away. I know it sounds sad, but I look forward to the spring when they all begin to emerge and photo opportunities are at their peak. Well, I should get back to working on my talk for this weekend. I will try to post some photos of Carpenter and honeybees on a trumpet flower.



  1. I, for one, was beecoming concerned. I’m glad to read that it was simply you having a busy and hectic schedule.

    We will, as always, happily await your postings!

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