Posted by: buzzybeegirl | February 2, 2009

Buzzy, what’s up with that WW photo?

Back again. Thanks to everyone who commented on the Wordless Wednesday photo, even if you thought it was nightmarish.  I am assuming it was the hairstyle that Sam Bissell found to be nightmarish. All I can say is that they have not invented hair plugs for bees yet, so the receding hairline is here to stay with them.

Now, to answer a question that a Madame Beespeaker asked. Her question was whether the photo was photo shopped to scale.

This photo was taken by one of my graduate advisors, Stephen Buchmann, who is a renowned bee expert. He has this amazing amazing microscope, and an artful eye. These two bees are real, but obviously dead. He took a Carpenter bee, which are known as some of the largest bees (gentle giants) and he took the smallest bee in the world (Perdita minima) and glued the small bee onto the antennae of the carpenter bee. He thought it would bee (sorry, had to throw that in) cool to show people the size difference between the largest bee and smallest bee. It’s the photo you would see in the bee version of the Guinness World Records.

I don’t know whether Stephen had done any photo shopping besides the normal, i.e. color balance, brightness, etc. There is a scale bar at the bottom of the photo, but I am not sure what the scale is (1mm?). I couldn’t find that. I assume it is 1mm since Perdita minima usually measures about 2mm in size  (0.078 inches).

So, there are no special effects, just a small bee glued onto a large bee.


  1. I’m glad you have illuminated us as to the picture. I didn’t think it had been photoshop’d, but I wasn’t certain how it was all done. I never thought about them being deceased.

  2. Live bees don’t like to be glued, and they just don’t follow directions very well =-P

  3. I think if you whip them enough they might fall into line!

  4. Ha! Thanks for solving the mystery and thanks for the kind words about my blog. I’m currently teaching grade five students about bees and I will show them Stephen’s photo and put a link to your blog on our class wiki.

    • Thanks for promoting the site. If there are any questions your kids have or if you need any bee photos please let me know =-)

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