Posted by: buzzybeegirl | March 4, 2009

They’re baaaack

What this? Just a pile of landscaping rocks in my backyard. They are about 1/4 inch in size. Big deal. Landscaping rocks. What’s special about that.

landscaping rocks

landscaping rocks

Wait. What the??? Oh, oh my. Is it that time again? IT IS!! The bees are back.


Why was she landing on these rocks? Why is she hoovering around them?

Because her nest is under these rocks. She just got back from gathering food for her offspring (babies) and she is returing home. I moved the rocks and found the entrance.

Nest entrance

Nest entrance

How clever. She has a nest under my rocks. It’s protected from my 4 dogs. Even they run like crazy over the rocks, it won’t damage the nest.

But what can damage the nest is me. When I Tried to move the rocks back into place I accidentally filled the entrance with dirt. Darn you buzzy!!!!

It’s okay though. This bee is tough. They have to be in order to survive. So what did the bee do after she saw that I covered the entrance? She began digging it out again.

Bee digging for her nest

Bee digging for her nest

Later that day she had dug out the entrance. And I learned not to mess with their architecture.  Leave the nest alone if you know it’s there. If you accidentally cover it, they can dig it out again. Tough and smart ladies these bees are.



  1. and you know i love that there is dog hair in the shot!

  2. Mrs. Bee is going to remember you and your treachery!

    • I’m now known as ‘buzzy the home wrecker’ A bad way to start out the season

  3. Bee mom is probably telling scary bedtime stories to her bee kids right now about the giant person who tried to seal them underground forever … 😉

    • I know…I’ve ruined it for all man kind. Sorry guys

  4. Wow, there are so many interesting kinds of bees! Great photos!

    • Thanks Catherine. There will be more photos of cool bees to come

  5. The suspense is killing me. What kind of ground-dwelling bee is it?

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