Posted by: buzzybeegirl | March 5, 2009

Does anyone have a place for the bees to stay?

Now that it’s Spring (at least here in southern Arizona), the bees are starting to come out. The natives are starting to fly and will be looking for homes. For some of the bees this may be a daunting and time consuming task. For you see, some places have sooo much development around that there may not be many places for the bees that nest above ground to nest. These bees usually nest in old beetle holes (or just old holes) in trees,  in the holes of wooden carports, old logs, etc. But, if these things are not around, where will they nest? This is where we come in. You can help the bees by building a ‘bee condo’ for them. In this economy you can’t afford to not have a bee condo. It can increase the value of your home (in the eyes of the bees).

They are easy and fun to make.Yes, fun. No craftsmanship required. Even I can build one (which says a lot). Below is a photo of my friend Leif’s “Tucson Bee Condo” as he calls it.


It’s nothing fancy people. The bees don’t need the bling-bling, a doorman, or room service. It’s just a piece of wood with different sized holes, attached to a tree. For more info on how to make one click here.

Don’t do it for me…do it for the bees. Okay, really, it’s also for me.



  1. I’ll consider putting up one. My only real concern is that I don’t have anywhere I could hang one that won’t be in an area of the lawn that I have to mow. I’ve been stung enough in my life and I’m not interested in being such any longer.

    Could I expect my lawn mowing to be sufficient disturbance that I could find myself being the target of some bee aggression?

    As an alternative I wouldn’t have a problem building one and hanging it from a tree in one of the many public parks (in deep woods) if that would help.

    Any thoughts?

  2. […] Some readers have brought up some good questions that I had forgotten to address in my last post. Goodbear had asked what the importance of the bee condos are…I know she knows the answer, […]

  3. Bee condo? How about be hotels 😉 :

  4. Thanks for that wonderful link. I will share it with everyone!

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