Posted by: buzzybeegirl | March 11, 2009

WW: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…bee?

Male Carpenter bee

Male Carpenter bee


  1. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Hum…..are these the guys who leave wholes in my eaves?

    Do you have any recommendations for keeping them from doing such. Every year they leave holes around my eaves and it’s costly to repair as we have a two-story house and I have to hire someone to come out and putty-fill the holes.

    • Yes they are. I don’t know how to keep them off, but I will do some research and see if I come up with anything.

  3. “Why do birds suddenly appear … every time … you are near …” Whoops, sorry, wrong Carpenter.

    We found that slathering many layers of sealant onto our log home would keep the carpenter bees at bay for a year or two, but then they would start drilling holes in it again that we would have to putty up.

  4. ha ha ha Dennis. You always have the best comebacks. I love it!

    I think your right. Maybe just having to put sealant on and making sure it doesn’t strip away. They may not like the taste or smell of it, so that could deter them.

  5. Hi, I’m really enjoying your site. I have a question about carpenter bees, i realize this is not your area of specialization but you might know (and certainly know more than I do). i’ve got some carpenter bees in the awning outside my front door. I don’t want to kill them and I rent so i don’t care about damage (maybe i shouldn’t admit that)…is there anyway to tell the difference between a male and a female? any way to make them leave me alone when i’m sitting outside? any and all info is much appreciated. Thanks!

  6. I found a carpenter bee just hanging on the glass in my “greenhouse”. It was just enjoying the warmth on the glass, I am sure. If it made it to this morning, it had a shocker to wake up to: at 8 am, we had a dusting of predicted snow….it’s now 11:30 and we have at least 6″ on the ground! I think I’d rather be in Tucson, even though we desperately need this moisture!
    OMG! A white out: I can’t see the alley 75′ feet away!

  7. i have carpenter bees in the firewood next to my house. unknowingly, i went to chop it into smaller pieces and when the wood split many large all black bees fell out. i will admit i have a phobia against insects in general, so when that happened, i ran away. in a safe location, i watched them scurry about and i saw an all yellow carpenter bee. after doing a little online research i learned only females can sting and usually females live together without many males. so my question comes to this: is the all black bees male or female? and what does that make the all yellow one?

    • Hi Van. Thanks for visiting the bee blog. As for your carpenter bee question…the all yellow bee was a male. All bees display some sort of sexual dimorphism, meaning that male and females look different, but some of the features are small (ie. males have longer antennae, facial hair, smaller body size, etc). For carpenter bees, the color depends on what species you have. For some species, the females will be a black looking color and males will be all orange. Others have males that have a band of orange, and yet others have all black males. So it just depends on the species. But your case, there was an all orange/yellow bee, which would be the male.

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