Posted by: buzzybeegirl | April 17, 2009

Ooooo…Something Shiny

This is a Euglossine bee. It is commonly known as an Orchid bee. They are tropical bees. Beautiful tropical bees. Their main home is in South and Central America, but one species can be found in Florida. They are brilliantly colored. Very bright metallic colors like the one you see below. They have a sheen. A spectacular sheen.


The male bees pollinate orchids and gather scents from the flower. Their two back legs are modified so that they can hold these different scents from orchids. Their back legs look like they are wearing M.C. Hammer pants. They are narrow near their body, then they poof out.  Males spend their life gathering scents, mixing them inside their mini bee parachute pants, and releasing the perfume when trying to find a mate. At least that is what some say they do. They fly, wiggle their back legs, and release the scent they have worked so hard to gather and mix. Hoping the ladies go for it.

Now, if you think his back is brilliantly colored, you gotta see his face. Check this out people…


Just when you thought it couldn’t get better. BAM!! He kicks it up a notch. how did he know that mettalic blue, green and cream colored fuzz all go? He is the true disco bee. You know, I saw a metallic blue dress at the thrift store. Mayebe I should start dressing like a Euglossine.



  1. Nice. He’s actually kinda pretty, in a weird kind of way. I think you should totally rock the black, metallic blue, metallic green and cream-colored fuzz.

    • I think I will rock those colors. Now, I just need shoes to match

  2. Very glam!

  3. that bee puts the gloss in euglossine.

    one of the MANY pretty bees buzzing around that we never see.

    thanks for the info, buzzy.

  4. The David Bowie (circa early 1970’s) of bees!

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