Posted by: buzzybeegirl | June 24, 2009

2009 National Pollinator Week: It’s time to thank the Pollinators

Happy National Pollinators Week! Across the nation people all around are focusing on the importance of pollinators…so why not join them.  Many of the blogs out there have great material to celebrate such important insects…the ones that pollinate our food and flowers. Bug Girl has many links to sites that contain a complete list of crops that are insect pollinated. Many people do not realize that every third bite of food is directly or indirectly a product of insect pollination. If you eat beef…thank the bees. Yes…bees help with beef. Alfalfa bees pollinate the alfalfa that is feed to cattle. There you have it. It’s like playing the Kevin Bacon drinking game, except with pollinators. What am I doing? My work with pollinators never actually stops, and I have been trying to get the word about their importance. This Thursday I will be giving a talk at the local botanical gardens about bees and their role in pollination.

Bee (Megachilidae) pollinating citrus

Bee (Megachilidae) pollinating citrus

NAPPC (The North American Pollinator Protection Campaign) and Pollinator Partnership (who I am currently employed by) have a great website with many resources to help you celebrate pollinator week. There are links with events that are happening at in your state, kits to host a party, and recipes using ingredients that are insect pollinated. Take this time to appreciate the pollinators.

Thank you Pollinators!

butterfly on flower



  1. it sounds like we should have to award a 2009 national pollinators award show!

    most prolific pollinator
    best newcomer
    most colorful pollinator
    best supporting insect

    • could I tend the leaf carpet as the nominees fly buy?

  2. Hey, I like that butterfly! 🙂 The bee is pretty good too. 😉

    Go Pollinators!

    • I thought you would like the butterfly Dan 🙂

  3. This is such an important topic!! I am so glad we actually have a National Pollinator Week to keep people aware of the trouble our bees are in!

    • Thanks for visiting ginghamgrlva.

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