Posted by: buzzybeegirl | August 24, 2009

Buzzy’s California Bee Condo

Hi Blog readers…I’m back!! I had to take a break while moving to California. Having no internet at home made it hard to blog and get the house ready for movers. Well, I arrived in California last Friday and now have internet at home, so blogging will resume.

Here is what happened in the past three weeks…and of course it involves bees. I got together with my friend Greg from Gardening Insights. He was nice enough to offer his recycled items for us to make a native bee nest so I could have one in California, and so we did. It took all day, but it was definitely worth it.

First, we started out with this old wood that Greg had gotten his hands on. It was beautiful and rustic looking.


Greg had cut the wood into smaller pieces and used a drill press and drill for the holes. I got my hands on the sander and started to smooth out the wood and strip some of the paint. Some paint was left on to give the nest a bit of color and reveal the texture of the wood below. This is what those large pieces above were turned into…


Since bees that would use this nest like to bee (had to throw that in) off the ground, we used some old pipes that were lying around Gregs garage to give the nest some height…or legs.


After a few times using the metal cutter, grinder, drills, adding a few screws and washers, and cotaing the outside of the wood, we finally got it done. As soon as I put it outside my Tucson home, leaf cutter bees began using it.

When it got time to move, I plugged the holes, packed it into the truck and off it went to California. Here is the finished product, standing in my garden in California.

bee nest in cali

I will keep everyone posted as to the types of bees that begin using the nest. If you would like to learn more about Greg Corman’s native bee sculptures, you can visit his website at and look at his bee sculptures. Thanks for your help building this nest and for all the work you are doing to help native bee’s thrive!



  1. it’s pretty cool looking, i have to say!
    miss you buzzy!

    • I moved it and put it so it’s facing the street now. I want everyone to see it. Miss you to goodbear…

  2. Oh, yeah, that’s California all right. I can tell by the stucco. The bee condo looks like it’s up to earthquake code, so that’s good. Welcome to Cali!

  3. This reminds me of a question I’ve had…

    We have a couple of apple tree stumps in our side lawn. One of them has what appears to be little holes drilled into the stump, with the drilled remains laying to the side.

    Could this be bee activity?

    • hi forkboy. the ho;es can inhabit bees. it may have been beetles or some other animal that made the hole, if they are small to medium sized, but bees would certainly use them and “clean house” by digging out more of the wood.

  4. Hi Anna,

    I’m glad you’ve gotten settled in CA. I hope you make it back to Tucson frequently, however.

    Glad your bees are doing well too. It’ll be interesting to see what inhabits the condo now.

    Keep us posted!

    • I will definitely keep you up to date on the bee activity. What I really need to do is go out and explore some of the native vegetation around here more.

  5. Welcome to CA. I can’t wait to learn about what kind of bees you get. By the way, are you in So Cal (like me)???

    • Hi Barbara,
      I am in So Cal. I am up near Ventura. It’s great here!

  6. Hi, I’m going to put the link to this post on my blog post about bee condos. I’m heading to Huntington Beach next week to visit my daughter, who just moved there. I’ll see whether she has a good place for a bee condo.

  7. Hi Anna,

    Is your thesis published and available to the public yet? I’d like to have a look.


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