Posted by: buzzybeegirl | January 20, 2010


Hi again bee friends. I am still here. Sorry about not blogging about bees for over a month. I have been buzzy (needed to throw that in). I have a new job studying squid in California, so much of my time has been devoted to learning all about them and other sea critters…the things I know nothing about. You see, this is called Anna’s Bee World and bees do not live in the ocean. They wind up there at times, but not intentionally. And the results are never good. So, I have devoted time to the ocean, but still looking for bees when walking around the campus.

I have also been busy with SCUBA certification because these squid creatures live in the ocean. I can’t use a net on land like I do with bees. I have to go into the ocean to find the sea critters. Anyways, I will get back on track with blogging about bees. I do love the ocean critters that I have seen, but I still love my bees. Here is a photo of my new found love of bee/ocean critter hybrid:

I can’t identify the species, but I think it may be some sort of bumblebee. It also comes complete…with a SCUBA tank…

Wow. These bees are just amazing.

Even though the bees really are not flying right now (they are either laying low and others are in hibernation), I will post past photos from the wonderful and beautiful bees in Tucson and any from California that I was able to catch during their fall decline.

As for now I will leave you with a link to a new friends blog: Pencil and Leaf

Val had contacted me last fall requesting bee samples. You see, she has also found bees to be absolutely fascinating and beautiful (I mean who wouldn’t, right?), and decided to use her awesome illustration skills to draw bees. You have to check out her pages. The pictures are absolutely amazing (scroll through and go to older posts). The nice thing is she sent me a copy of 2 of the bee samples I had sent her.

The first was a cute “sassy” Megahilidae and the second was an Anthidium (those bees that look like wasps).

How cool and sweet of her. I just love them. I am currently searching for a frame to put the pictures in. So, go and check out her art and let her know what you think. And again…the bees will be out again this spring…and I will be ready with my camera.

Hope the new year has been treating you all well. See you again soon.


  1. some sort of scuba, bumble bee.
    it’s actually called a scumble bee in scientific circles.
    don’t question me…it’s true!

    • I believe you goodbear…you have done the extensive research on these fascinating water/air bees 🙂

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on the Pencil & Leaf blog. Wonderful stuff..

  3. ♬ Aqua Bee, Aqua Bee, likes to go swim in the sea … ♬

    • Bee careful Dennis…the bathtub is no longer safe.

  4. Well here you are!! I thought we might never hear from you again at this rate. And I was thinking you were saving up all sorts of bee stuff when instead your hanging out under the waves (or will be soon).

    Glad you’re back. Sorry it’s not about bees right now though.

    • I will grab some photos, but am really looking forward to the spring here. Right now we are getting nothing but storms. The flowers will follow. Then the bees.

      • I’m holding you to that!

  5. I see that Ed Ricketts’ field guide, BETWEEN PACIFIC TIDES, has just been published in its third edition. As a sometimes Pacific-Coast beachcomber who is much more comfortable in the warm waters of the Florida Gulf, I recommend the book to you enthusiastically. You should gather some fine sediment from the tide pools for a look-see under a dissecting microscope. The ostracodes are beautiful, and you see bits of other critters, too.

    • Thanks biosparite. I will have to check it out.

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